Greg's Track Record

Greg Wieczorek's PBs:
Marathon: 2:25:55
1/2 Marathon: 1:12:24 (half
split of Marathon PB)
15K: 49:09
10K: 31:25
5K: 15:12

Running has been a major part of Greg Wieczorek's life since he was 8 years old. Since that time Greg has been an Ontario champion, sidelined with injuries, member of the Queen’s University varsity team, placed dead last at the Ontario University Championships, gained 40lbs while pursuing his Chartered Accountancy designation, then decided to make fitness and a healthy lifestyle a priority again, joined a local marathon training group, lost 40lbs, and developed a passion for marathoning which enabled him to become the Blue Nose Marathon record holder, the top Canadian at the 2011 Chicago Marathon, and have a personal best time of 2:25.

Over the past few years Greg Wieczorek's passion for running has led him to read an abundance of literature from the most renowned coaches in the world. Greg has taken the theories that make the most sense to him and applied them when drafting his own training program.

Greg Wieczorek has consistently shaved minutes off his personal best each year using this logical approach to training. Greg has also coached his wife Maura from a personal marathon best of 4:17 down to 2:58 in four years. Greg and his wife have remained healthy and continue to get stronger each training cycle. Although this is only a sample of n=2, why not join the growing number of Project PB runners who are taking minutes off their personal best?