Custom Training Program

The custom training programs prepared by Greg Wieczorek follow the same principles that he has applied to his own training.  You will progress through the appropriate training phases as you work towards your goal race, building off of your current fitness level at a volume and intensity that is specific to you.  Please provide Greg Wieczorek with the following information that will allow him to construct a program that you will find challenging but very achievable:
  • The name and date of your goal race;
  • The weekly volume of kms/miles you have averaged in recent weeks, as well the typical weekly volume of your most recent training cycle;
  • The number of days per week you are comfortable training;
  • Your longest long run in recent weeks;
  • Recent or relevant race times;
  • The name and date of any tune-up races you plan on running as you prepare for your goal race;
  • Any other information/constraints you feel are relevant.   
If you provide this information to Greg Wieczorek, he will prepare a customized training program tailored to these aforementioned variables. This Custom Training Program will also come complete with a 4-5 page "Implementation Guide" with instructions on how to execute each type of run and workout called for in your schedule, as well as recommended pace ranges.  You also have the option to be bcc'd on periodic e-mails containing relevant training and racing tips and are encouraged to contact Greg from time to time with any questions or comments you have regarding your training and race preparation. 

Cost - $7 per week within the Custom Training Program

Half-marathon or Marathon Recovery Program

Do you have a Half-marathon or Marathon quickly approaching, or have you recently completed your goal Half-marathon or Marathon?  Many people complete their goal race that they've dedicated the past few months to prepare for, but aren't sure where to go from there.  If you provide Greg Wieczorek with the date of your upcoming or recent Half-marathon or Marathon, as well as maximum weekly mileage in preparation for the race, plus any other relevant information, he can provide you with a 1 month Recovery Program that enables you to capitalize on your previous efforts and leaves you rested and fit for your next Project PB program.

Cost - $25

Regular Coaching

Many runners enjoy the ongoing support of a coach who is available regularly to discuss issues pertaining to training and racing, such as:
  • How to tweak your training program in the case of certain unplanned events;
  • Feedback on how training runs and workouts were executed;
  • Recommendations on training paces as your fitness improves;
  • Developing an appropriate race strategy;
  • Any other running-related questions you may have.

Cost - $12 per week

NB - due to capacity constraints this option is only available for previous athletes of ProjectPB or patients of Bluenose Physiotherapy.