PB Board

Colleen G. took a whopping 10mins off her Half PB and snagged her "A" goal with a 1:49 in PEI!

Angela C. took another 2mins off her Half PB with a 1:51 in PEI!

Alison C. had a very consistent spring, notching a 10km PB of 47:20 and a Half PB of 1:46, both of which earned her an age-group win!

Great run for Iashi H. on a cold, wet day in Sugarloaf.  3min PB and a BQ of 3:37.  Fingers crossed the time holds up and she'll be on the Start Line in Hopkinton!

Angela C. had a 4min PB at the Fredericton Half with a 1:53!

Congrats to Alison C who took two mins off her Half PB, running 1:47 in Vancouver.  Good enough for 4th out of 63 in her age group!

Lofty BQ standards unfortunately kept Stephen R. out of Boston 2019 by less than a minute.  Rather than be too disappointed, he just took another 2 mins off his PB running 3:19 in Marathon du Nord!

Laura S took nearly 8 minutes off her marathon PB that she set in her 30's, running 3:27 in PEI!

After a couple years of being oh so close, Stephen R. nailed the Sugarloaf Marathon and got a BQ of 3:21.  Fingers crossed this ~4min cushion will be enough to get him to Hopkinton in April.

Masters runner Stephanie S. took 12mins off her PB with a 3:14 in Fredericton! She consistently stuck to her program all winter, so it was fantastic to see all her hard work was rewarded.

Laura S. saw shaved close to a minute off her Half PB with a 1:39 in Fredericton, good enough for 2nd in her age category.  Her prior PB was a few years old, so it's always nice to get a fresh one, especially in the master's ranks!

Maura W. posted a 5km PB and Half marathon PB this spring, with a 18:54 and 1:26, respectively.  Not bad for a working mother of twin toddlers!

Stephanie S. got an official Half marathon PB at the Blue Nose with a 1:36.  This was just a few weeks after Boston, so no doubt she has more PB potential in her this summer!

Stacey D. chopped 5 mins off her Half Marathon PB with a 1:43 at the Blue Nose.  Very impressive, especially with that uphill headwind the final few kms!  I believe her husband notched a PB also, running 1:32.

Heather C. took 8 mins off her marathon PB with a 3:23 in Chicago! Read about her adventures at girlgoesrunning.blogspot.com

Matt C. showed tremendous discipline and patience this fall, and he was rewarded with finally breaking the elusive 3hr barrier in Chicago - a very satisfying 2:59!

Stephanie S. is moving up the Masters ranks, taking 10mins off her Marathon PB with a 3:26 at the Blue Nose, dipping just under the 1:10 barrier at the Tely 10, and running 42mins at the Maritime Race Weekend 10km.

Leah R. had a terrific Blue Nose Half, taking 6mins off her PB to run a 1:34!

Stacey D. took 2mins off her Half PB with a 1:48!

David C. continues to defy the age-grading tables.  He's in his late 40's he had the "trifecta" this season, taking PB's in the 10km (38mins), Half (1:26), and Full in Chicago (3:05).  He also set a Project PB record of being the first person to crack the 100 mile/week barrier this training cycle!

Christine P. had a humid day at the Maritime Race Weekend and missed her goal of going sub 1:40 in the Half...but she teed up another one a few weeks later and crushed it with a 1:38 in the Valley!

Shari T. is another masters runner that is proof you're never too old to set PB's.  She's patient and disciplined and also broke the 1:40 barrier in the Valley - congrats on your 1:39!

Masters ace Linda M. won the Valley Half women's race outright with a blazing 1:27!

Lisa H. took some huge slices out of her PB's this season, starting with a 1:40 at the Maritime Race Weekend Half which was an 8 minute PB.  It only makes sense she then took 16mins off her Marathon PB with a 3:35 in Hamilton.  That should make her a pretty safe bet for Boston 2016!

Awesome marathon debut for masters runner Karen P., with a 3:44 in Hamilton!

Way to go Christine P. on a 1 minute PB into a cold headwind in NYC!  3:34 - plenty of time to spare for a BQ!

Congrats to Tanya M. who took 7 mins off her PB, running to a 3:41 in PEI!

Adam B. shaved a nice 6mins off his PB, running 3:03 in Chicago.  Way to go mate!

2014 has indeed been a breakout year for David C.  This summer/fall he took 2mins off his 10km PB (40:19 - London Rock the Road), over 5mins off his Half PB (1:28:38 - Springbank Half), and carved over 9 mins off his Marathon PB in just 5 months (3:06 - Chicago).  It's been very rewarding to see this progression. Onward to 2015!

Congrats to David C. who took 16mins off his PB and BQ'd with a 3:15 in Toronto.  Guess all those treadmill miles over the harsh winter paid off!

Look who got some wheels over the winter! Steve C. took 1:30 off his 5km PB with a 20:17 at the Lung Run

Way to go Peter O.! Congrats on taking 11mins off your PB with a 3:39 in Philadelphia!

How many runners do you know who are setting PB's in the 60-69 age group? I know one guy! David H. ran a 4:01 at the PEI Marathon after an awesome summer of training.

Congrats to Steve C. on achieving his goal of a BQ 3:39 at the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon!

It's been an exciting week for Shari T. She got accepted to her first Boston this week and ran 2 PB's in a span of about 13 hours at the Maritime Race Weekend.  21:33 for 5km on Friday night and 1:41:26 in the Half on Saturday morning.  This follows her new 10km PB of 45:02 at the Navy 10km a few weeks ago, what a summer!

Jacqueline F. just keeps tearing her PB's a new one...nearly 1min off her 5km with a new PB of 21:01 in Lunenburg, taking her age group title in the process.

A big congrats goes out to Shari T. who took over 15mins off her marathon PB in Ottawa and got nicely under her BQ with a 3:41!

Some nice results at the Blue Nose on the May long weekend.  Jacqueline F. showed she's an age group ace with her 1:40:04 in the Half, a 3min PB.  Jim W. took several minutes off his marathon PB with a 3:25 on a very challenging course.

Jason K. just keeps tearing his PB's apart.  He took 19mins off his Marathon PB with a 3:12 in Fredericton, good enough for a BQ! Way to go Jason, great to see your hard work and dedication paying off.

Steve C. took a few minutes off his marathon PB in Fredericton as well, with a 3:40 and change. Narrowly missed his BQ but he is fired up to crack it this fall.

Great day in Philly for Mark F. and Lori P.  Mark with an 18min PB of 3:18, and Lori with a 10min PB of 4:19. Amazing stuff!  They both worked really hard all season and great to see all their hard work rewarded!

Jason K. cracks the 20min barrier with a 19:55 south of the border in Maine.  Just shows how marathon training can translate to a fast 5km!

Masters runner Anita H. hacks 13 mins off per PB with a 3:31 in PEI!

October 7 was a great day for Project PB athletes!  David W. was well under his goal of 3hrs with a 2:55 in Chicago; Lori P. and Mark F. are in the middle of Philly Marathon training but that didn't stop them from getting Half PB's in the Valley - Lori going under 2hrs with a 1:58 and Mark with a 1:35; Todd M. got a 7 min PB in the Valley Half with a 1:52; and what a difference a year makes for Graham L. - well over 5 hours in the Valley Full last year, but got his redemption this year with a 3:51!  Great to see everyone's hard work and sweat over the summer pay off!

Mike M. got a trifecta this summer, lowering his 10km, Half, and Full PB's in the span of just over a month...to 40:30, 1:32:07, and 3:18:50 (for a July marathon!). 

Who gets a 6min PB in a 5km? Jason K. just did with a 20:16 at the New Brunswick championships!  He followed it up a few weeks later with a 3min PB of 1:35:29 at the Miramichi Half.

Graham L. is a Project PB All-Star with a 42minute PB of 4:06 at the Blue Nose - he will look to join the Sub 4-hour club this fall!

Brian W. takes 20mins off his PB with a 3:46 at the Blue Nose.

Mother of 3, Kate R., runs her fastest Half in 8 years, 1:25, in winning the Forest City Half Marathon.

Todd M. took 20mins off his marathon PB running 4:03 in Fredericton...and will look to join the sub-4hr club this fall!

Jason K. picks up 2012 where he left off 2011 - setting PBs!  A nice 1:39 at the Hypo Half marathon, over 3mins faster than his Toronto Waterfront in October.

2012 is off to a great start, with some great performances being turned in at the Houston Marathon.  Leah J. took 3 minutes off her Marathon PB from a couple years ago, finishing as the top Canadian in 2:56!  She is a great training partner for my wife Maura and no doubt played a role in helping Maura take 7 minutes off her personal best and cracking that 3hr barrier - 2:58:48!!

"Over the past 2 1/2 years, running has continued to become a bigger part of my life. However, during that time I failed to set goals, have a consistent training plan to follow and suffered from running "information overload". That all changed in April 2011 when I started working with Greg. I took a hard look at my races and training from the previous year and started to set goals for the upcoming race season. With this information, Greg was able to craft a custom training plan that would give me the consistency and focus that I needed to reach my goals.
The first race of the year was a great success, with a new 5k PB of 23:07 which shaved off 1:20 from my previous PB. This was great a confidence booster and helped me set another 5k PB of 22:03 a month later on a very challenging course. My next focus was getting ready to compete against a co-worker at the Blue Nose 10k. With Greg's solid plan and my increased focus during training, I finished the race with a time of 48:02 which was a new 10k PB by nearly five minutes and office bragging rights with the win over my co-worker.
I will certainly continue working with Greg to meet my training and racing goals in preparation for my 1st half-marathon in the Fall."
~Gordon Crooks Cow Bay, NS

Follow up: Gord made an impressive 1:42 Half marathon debut at the 2011 Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half-marathon!

Below are some of the impressive results from the first season of Project PB, fall 2011:
  • Michelle K. took her Half-marathon PB from 2:53 to 2:21 at the Toronto Waterfront Half-marathon.  Amazing dedication over the past 6 months.
  • Jason K. - when I started working with him he had just completed the Blue Nose 10km in 1:03.  Since then he has been a force, taking his 10km PB down to 46mins at the Fiddler's run, and making an impressive 1:43 Half-marathon debut at the Toronto Waterfront Half.
  • Leah J. had flirted with going sub 40 for 10km for the longest time, and crushed that barrier on a hot, humid morning in August with a 39:28.  She later rocked her ~11km leg of the Rum Runners Relay averaging 3:52/km.  She ultimately met her goal of the season of setting the women's record at the MDI Marathon in Maine in 3:01 in windy conditions!
  • Andrew H. is a masters marathoner who took his PB from 3:15 down to 3:09 at the Fiddler's run.
  • Frank M. came 3rd in the 55-59 age group of the 2011 Toronto Waterfront Marathon, taking his PB from 3:16 down to 3:12. This man defies the age-grading tables!
  • Jacqueline F. - in only 6 weeks took her 10km time from 47:03 on a flat Navy 10km course down to 44:46 on a hilly Valley Harvest route.
  • Susan C. took her marathon PB from 3:53 down to 3:33 and qualified for Boston! You don't need to be fast on the computer when you're that fast on your feet. 
  • Mike F. took 20mins off his marathon PB running a 3:08 in Toronto.  He'll be ready to sign up for Boston next year.
Those are just a handful of notable performances - if you're a Project PB client and I missed your awesome result, send me a quick note!  Let's continue to build on this PB Board next season.