October 7 was a great day for Project PB athletes!  David W. was well under his goal of 3hrs with a 2:55 in Chicago; Lori P. and Mark F. are in the middle of Philly Marathon training but that didn't stop them from getting Half PB's in the Valley - Lori going under 2hrs with a 1:58 and Mark with a 1:35; Todd M. got a 7 min PB in the Valley Half with a 1:52; and what a difference a year makes for Graham L. - well over 5 hours in the Valley Full last year, but got his redemption this year with a 3:51!  Great to see everyone's hard work and sweat over the summer pay off!

Mike M. got a trifecta this summer, lowering his 10km, Half, and Full PB's in the span of just over a month...to 40:30, 1:32:07, and 3:18:50 (for a July marathon!). 

Who gets a 6min PB in a 5km? Jason K. just did with a 20:16 at the New Brunswick championships!  He followed it up a few weeks later with a 3min PB of 1:35:29 at the Miramichi Half.

Graham L. is a Project PB All-Star with a 42minute PB of 4:06 at the Blue Nose - he will look to join the Sub 4-hour club this fall!

Brian W. takes 20mins off his PB with a 3:46 at the Blue Nose.

Mother of 3, Kate R., runs her fastest Half in 8 years, 1:25, in winning the Forest City Half Marathon.

Todd M. took 20mins off his marathon PB running 4:03 in Fredericton...and will look to join the sub-4hr club this fall!

Jason K. picks up 2012 where he left off 2011 - setting PBs!  A nice 1:39 at the Hypo Half marathon, over 3mins faster than his Toronto Waterfront in October.

2012 is off to a great start, with some great performances being turned in at the Houston Marathon.  Leah J. took 3 minutes off her Marathon PB from a couple years ago, finishing as the top Canadian in 2:56!  She is a great training partner for my wife Maura and no doubt played a role in helping Maura take 7 minutes off her personal best and cracking that 3hr barrier - 2:58:48!!

"Over the past 2 1/2 years, running has continued to become a bigger part of my life. However, during that time I failed to set goals, have a consistent training plan to follow and suffered from running "information overload". That all changed in April 2011 when I started working with Greg. I took a hard look at my races and training from the previous year and started to set goals for the upcoming race season. With this information, Greg was able to craft a custom training plan that would give me the consistency and focus that I needed to reach my goals.
The first race of the year was a great success, with a new 5k PB of 23:07 which shaved off 1:20 from my previous PB. This was great a confidence booster and helped me set another 5k PB of 22:03 a month later on a very challenging course. My next focus was getting ready to compete against a co-worker at the Blue Nose 10k. With Greg's solid plan and my increased focus during training, I finished the race with a time of 48:02 which was a new 10k PB by nearly five minutes and office bragging rights with the win over my co-worker.
I will certainly continue working with Greg to meet my training and racing goals in preparation for my 1st half-marathon in the Fall."
~Gordon Crooks Cow Bay, NS

Follow up: Gord made an impressive 1:42 Half marathon debut at the 2011 Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half-marathon!

Below are some of the impressive results from the first season of Project PB, fall 2011:
  • Michelle K. took her Half-marathon PB from 2:53 to 2:21 at the Toronto Waterfront Half-marathon.  Amazing dedication over the past 6 months.
  • Jason K. - when I started working with him he had just completed the Blue Nose 10km in 1:03.  Since then he has been a force, taking his 10km PB down to 46mins at the Fiddler's run, and making an impressive 1:43 Half-marathon debut at the Toronto Waterfront Half.
  • Leah J. had flirted with going sub 40 for 10km for the longest time, and crushed that barrier on a hot, humid morning in August with a 39:28.  She later rocked her ~11km leg of the Rum Runners Relay averaging 3:52/km.  She ultimately met her goal of the season of setting the women's record at the MDI Marathon in Maine in 3:01 in windy conditions!
  • Andrew H. is a masters marathoner who took his PB from 3:15 down to 3:09 at the Fiddler's run.
  • Frank M. came 3rd in the 55-59 age group of the 2011 Toronto Waterfront Marathon, taking his PB from 3:16 down to 3:12. This man defies the age-grading tables!
  • Jacqueline F. - in only 6 weeks took her 10km time from 47:03 on a flat Navy 10km course down to 44:46 on a hilly Valley Harvest route.
  • Susan C. took her marathon PB from 3:53 down to 3:33 and qualified for Boston! You don't need to be fast on the computer when you're that fast on your feet. 
  • Mike F. took 20mins off his marathon PB running a 3:08 in Toronto.  He'll be ready to sign up for Boston next year.
Those are just a handful of notable performances - if you're a Project PB client and I missed your awesome result, send me a quick note!  Let's continue to build on this PB Board next season.